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You'll feel more relaxed and clear-headed after every episode. Promise. You know what else? You’ll start mastering your attention and calming your nerves. And when you do that — you'll free your mind and body from chronic stress.


So find a quiet place and get ready to let go of your worries from the day.


Because research shows 85% of your thoughts will never happen!

Putting yourself through mental overtime is pointless.

It’s not productive. It’s not gonna help you slay your giant-sized problems.

No duh, right? But when you're buried under an avalanche of stress, it’s easy to forget this!


WELLBEING is your most powerful state of mind. It's your shield against the emotional contagion plaguing our world.


This podcast retrains your brain to recognize and remain there. And over time, you'll respond to stressors like a boss, not mindlessly react to them (like everyone else.)


It’s your toolkit for remodeling your relationship with your thoughts and feelings. So you're not at the mercy of everything that flies into your head anymore.


I'm so happy you're here.


Informed by ancient wisdom, an obsession with brain-based science, her experiences teaching yoga, meditation, and personal development, and a former corporate career (at CNN, MTV, Sony Music, and many other media brands) — Laurin helps people conquer chronic stress.


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